Frequently Asked Questions

Are Utilities Included?

All of our properties include water and garbage collection.

Only our properties at 41 and 41 ½ High Street include gas and electric.

We do not include cable/Internet.

When is Rent Due?

Rent is paid in advance by semester.   It is due August 15 for the fall, and January 15 for the spring.

Do I Need a Security Deposit?

Yes.  We collect a refundable security deposit of $500 when the lease is signed.  This holds the apartment for you.  The security deposit is returned when you move out, less any damages or other fees as specified in the lease.

What Happens Over the Summer?

Returning tenants may leave belongs in place over the summer.  No rent is due.  Gas and electric must remain on. 

If you plan on living at the house over the summer, you will need to pay a summer rate, as specified in the lease.  Usually about half the rent. 

Are the Houses Furnished?

Generally, no.

Do I Pay for Laundry?

No.  We do not have any coin-op machines.  All the laundry appliances are there for Tenant Use Only, at no charge.

Who Plows the Driveway and Shovels the Sidewalk?

We pay for snowplow service. Be aware, the service can only plow if cars are not blocking the driveway.  Tenants are responsible for shoveling the sidewalks.